Andre Ward To Undergo Shoulder Surgery, Fight With Kelly Pavlik Canceled

Nick Cannon Andre Ward

Besides losing out on the money, this is probably a good thing for Pavlik. It was very unlikely he was going to beat Andre Ward, so now he can fight some more bums, collect some nice paychecks and build his reputation back up.

Ward hurt his shoulder in sparring forcing the fight to be postponed, but the damage was more significant than they originally thought which led to the decision to just drop the fight completely.

Here is what Pavlik’s manager had to say about the cancellation.

“Bob called me up and told me the fight was out and said, ‘What are we gonna do with Pavlik?’ He said Goossen called him and told him that Ward needed shoulder surgery,” Dunkin said. “So I don’t know what we’re gonna do, but we’re going to move forward and get Kelly a fight and get him back in the ring.