Andy Reid Says Nick Foles Has One Of The Strongest Arms In NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 4-10 on the season and one has to wonder if Andy Reid has two games left in his tenure here in Philly.

Right now the Eagles are trying to figure out if Nick Foles can play quarterback.  Foles threw for 182 yards, one TD and one interception.

Foles had a few balls flutter on him last night but arm strength is not his problem.  According to the Star-Ledger, Andy Reid thinks Nick Foles has one of the strongest arms he’s ever seen.

“Nick has got one of the stronger arms that we’ve had here, one of the stronger arms in the league,” Reid said on Friday. “But you have to make sure your feet are right, your drop is right. You have to learn those things. That’s one of the tougher things for the young quarterback to do.

“On that [interception by Hall], instead of taking what would be a normal five-step drop he took what would have been a normal seven-step drop, and in the gun it would be five as opposed to three.”

The scouting report on Foles that he had pretty good arm strength, but that’s all for naught if Foles continues to struggle with accuracy on those deep balls.