Angela Simmons Upset She Was Seated in the Jump Off Section at Nets Game (Photos)


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The Brooklyn Nets seem to be a success not just on the court, but off the court.  They have that new car smell so a lot of celebrities want to check them out and the new Barclay’s Center.

Also you might get a chance to hang out with Beyonce and Jay Z.  It is a win-win all around.

But what happens if you are a celebrity and you find out your comp tickets are in the jump off section of the arena?  According to Bossip you throw a fit like Angela Simmons.

“Angela Simmons was sitting by us and seemed annoyed when she saw Trey Songz on the jumbotron. She must have realized she wasn’t sitting in floor seats!”

“Weirdly enough it seemed like her row was designated for players jump offs cause it was a entire row of 5 inch heels,” the spy continued. “Once it was full she got up and moved — but not courtside. She was visibly upset.”

There are Jump Off section in each arena where the players can put their ladies of the night at.  I believe James Harden has a whole lower level in Houston that was a part of his contract.

At least Trey Songz had a good view.


For full disclosure I just wrote the post so I could show Angela Simmons in a Bikini.

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