Anonymous Broncos Player Rips Tebow, Says He Not An NFL Quarterback


There really hasn’t been much Tebow talk over the past week, which is basically a miracle, because there was a time Tim Tebow would dominate the headlines all day, everyday.

Things have quieted down on Tebow, and the Jets are so bad, that there are other things to speak about.

We knew it would be impossible to go to long without some Tebow coverage, and one anonymous Denver Broncos player just provided the shot that was needed.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports was interviewing a few of the Broncos when the topic of Tebow came up.

One said player did not hold back in delivering ether regarding Tim Tebow.

The anonymous player stated that “Tebow  was always in over his head playing NFL quarterback, it’s showing now, and he feels sorry for the former Bronco.”

“When Tim was here we saw the issues up close,” said the Broncos player who, along with other players, asked not to be identified. “The Jets didn’t, and now they are seeing the problems, too.”

“I feel really, really bad for Tim. He’s a good person, just not an NFL quarterback.”

Freeman went on to report that several Broncos player said it’s impossible not to compare this team to last years team.

The players suggested that Tebow being hailed as a hero who constantly pulled out 4th quarter comebacks was not the case, and that they really were a better team that the record suggested, and Tebow held them back.

“Of course we’re comparing this year to last year,” said another player. “This year we won the division with four games left. That’s all Peyton Manning. If Tebow was here, we’d still be squeaking out wins, or losing games we shouldn’t be losing. The division would be coming down to the last game.

“I’ve been following Tim in New York and I feel horrible for him. Everyone here, I think, wants the best for him. He’s a good guy. But you can’t turn Tim into something he’s not, and he’s not really an NFL quarterback. He’s more of a gimmick player.”

Broncos players reportedly are thankful to John Elway for bringing in Manning.

“By bringing in Peyton, we can compete with any team in football,” one player explained, “Peyton is obviously that good.”

“I’m watching Tim and wishing him well but glad I’m here with Peyton.”

Poor Tim.


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