Anonymous Lions Player Rips Suh, Says He Doesn’t Understand What It Takes To Win

The Detroit Lions are a mess on and off the field.  The main constant of criticism seems to be Ndamukong Suh.   Suh can’t seem to shake the criticism from opposing players, general managers, analyst and fans.

What happens though when your own teammates start to attack you?  Well we are about to find out.

Yahoo Sports columnist Jason Cole is reporting that an anonymous Detroit Lions player ripped into Suh Sunday after the team lost another close ball game.

“Yeah, we’re loaded,” the player said.

“But we have a couple of guys who don’t understand what it takes to win. Just making a couple of plays and thinking that makes you great … sometimes you want to just shake some of these guys and say, ‘Don’t you get it?’ “

Cole asked the anonymous player, “anybody in particular.”

“Ndamukong [Suh] would be first.”

This team is an absolute mess, with guys locked into huge salaries who won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

One thought on “Anonymous Lions Player Rips Suh, Says He Doesn’t Understand What It Takes To Win

  • Teams like this and the Jets need an unquestioned leader in the locker room Period. The parallels between these teams are striking, but the most apt comparison is the Head Coach. When you have a first time head coach who (seemingly) likes to piss off half the league and likes to have a certain swagger to their team, you MUST have some sort of internal discipline coming a strong clubhouse leader. Neither has it and both teams are a mess.

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