Antrel Rolle Upset at Giants Teammates Who Praised RG3

Here is what Rolle had to say about his Giants teammates giving respect to their opponents and specifically RG3.

“I think we need to start giving more credit after the game as opposed to before the game,” Rolle said during his weekly appearance on WFAN radio. “Personally, that’s not anything I’ve been too fond of. Do I respect my opponents? I respect them. You know, I’ll give credit when credit’s due. But I’m not going to kiss anyone’s butt before the game. That’s something that I’m never, ever going to do as long as I’m playing the game of football.

“I think we just need to get back to being a little nasty, having a nasty attitude, get a little bit more dog in us, and go out there and play the game.”

I understand what he is saying. It is easy to relax a bit when you have two super bowl rings. One thing we know about the Giants is either they are going to tank or they are going to make a run. Will be interesting to see what happens this time around.

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