Arian Foster Buys Texans Offensive Line Segways For Christmas (Picture)

Football is the ultimate team sport and there’s nothing like watching one of your teammates eclipse a mark, or being able to show your teammates, especially the integral ones how much you appreciate them.

In the photo courtesy of Larry Brown Sports, you can see Houston Texans all pro running back  Arian Foster wanted to thank his lineman for their service, so he bought them all Segways for Christmas.  Texans lineman Duane Brown tweeted out the photo.

Foster explained his reasoning for the purchase.

“I feel like all of them big hogs up front can enjoy the joy that I get from riding my Segway,” Foster said according to the Houston Chronicle. “Guys like Chris Myers and (Duane) Brown and Wade Smith, they’re always getting on me about riding my Segway. ‘You can’t walk? You’re too good to walk?’

Good job Arian.