Arian Foster On Rob Parker: Who Is He? WTF Is Blackness?

Earlier today ESPN First Take analyst went off the deep end when he questioned Robert Griffin III “blackness” because his fiancée is white, and RG3 might be a republican.

The sports world and social media is now in an uproar about the comments.  Parker has yet to speak on the comments, but one particularly well spoken black brotha has.

Arian Foster is well-rounded, college educated, and black.  He gave his opinion on the matter after someone asked what he thought via twitter.

Kudos Arian, Kudos.

5 thoughts on “Arian Foster On Rob Parker: Who Is He? WTF Is Blackness?

  • ONLY SELLOUT NEGROS don’t understand the Concept and The TRUE MEANING of the Term “BLACKNESS” Though

    Sooo A-Foster don’t have a F-ing CLUE about the Civil Rights Struggles or the 1960s and 1970s… The SYSTEMATIC Protocols of BLACKS BEING ARRESTED-n-CONVICTED (This is ACTUALLY Going on AS WE SPEAK Today…)

    I TRULY had No Ideal that SOOO MANY Black Athletes have a problem BEING Associated with THEIR BLACK HERITAGE (F-ing MIND-Boggling…)

    • That’s some Planet Doofy stuff right there, Homey. One cannot lose his/her blackness. Why do you make the goofy ASSumption that Arian Foster doesn’t have a flue about the Civil Rights struggles, did you talk to him personally about those? He ain’t no idiot, he’s well educated and I’m sure much MORE sensitive about racial issues than this Rob Parker is.

      Who da fudge decided Rob Parker (or YOU for that matter) gets to decide who is black and who is not? That’s some #PlanetDoofy stuff right there.

      • Who said I was here defending Rob Parker?!!?

        And WTF makes A-Foster well-educated and do you know him PERSONALLY… Ohh That’s Right becuz he went to College HE MUST BE WELL-EDUCATED (OK…) Which also means he must be TO USE YOUR WORDS —-> “much MORE sensitive about racial issues than this Rob Parker is.” GOTCHA!!!

        Me being Wholeheartedly supportive of MY BLACKNESS doesn’t make me Ignorant or RACIST or “Planet-Doofy” (If I’m quoting you Correctly…) Yet THOSE Black individuals that choose to see society as “COLORLESS” (which Btw IT ISN’T…) while in the same vain Distancing Themselves from THEIR OWN BLACKNESS aka “Black Heritage” doesn’t equate to them BEING MORE ENLIGHTENED than those who choose to EMBRACE THEIR BLACK HERITAGE aka “BLACKNESS”

        I’m quite sure you will not Fully Comprehend what I’m Saying but I had to give My Retort to YOU calling me “Planet-Goofy” Though

        YOU continue to DO YOU Sir and I’ll DO THE SAME (PEACE…)

  • ELove, Im black and this is the type of coon shit that keep setting us brothas back. We finally got a black in office (twice)and progress keeps being made but its like we take one step forward and two steps back. Let it go.

    • TOTALLY Understand where you’re coming from (SURE DO…)

      The PHRASES that come to mind regarding this incident with Rob Parker is “You Are WHAT You EAT” and “Some people are a PRODUCT of Their Environment”

      90% of BSPN is ALL-OUT Bull-Shyt Rhetoric-n-Nonsense and Rob Parker is just apart of that… He wasn’t the ORIGINATOR or CREATOR of just how BSPN became a Sports Entertainment GABBAGE EMPIRE verses what EPSN started as WHICH WAS —-> Being The LEADER of Sports Programming (That’s All I’m Saying…)

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