Arkansas State Players Go On Angry Twitter Rant Over Gus Malzahn Choosing Auburn

The one thing people rarely talk about in the big time business that is Division 1 college basketball or football, is the effect it has on the players or recruits who get left behind.

A lot of players choose a program or school based on their coach, and the promise that he’ll be there.  When players leave, they have to sit out a year or suffer a consequence.

When coaches leave they simply buy out the contract, or just up and leave.   Rarely does a coach leave to take a new job and his players not feel the sting.

So imagine how the players at Arkansas State feel having two straight coaches succeed with them as players, then bolt for greener pastures.

Hugh Freeze turned a 10-2 season at Arkansas State into a head coaching job at Ole Miss.  Guz Malzahn followed freeze, and gave the impression he might stick around because of his Arkansas roots.

That did not happen either.  Malzahn took a 9-3 season at Arkansas State this season, and turned it into a chance to return to Auburn where he was the offensive coordinator on the 2010 National Championship team.

His former Arkansas State players were none to pleased at being left at the altar again, and took to twitter to harshly vent according to Sporting Life Arkansas.

Hopefully I gave these young men who were slighted and not worried about, a voice.