Ashley Nicole’s Week 17 NFL Picks

soft struggle face over my picks
soft struggle face over my picks

This is the final Regular Season Week for the NFL. I’ve struggled with my picks all season, so consider this my last chance at redemption  Have you guys done better?

Jets @ Bills

Faves: -3.5 Bills

My Pick: Jets

Dolphins @ Patriots

Faves: -9.5 Patriots

My Pick: Patriots

Ravens @ Bengals

Faves: -3 Bengals

My Pick: Ravens

Browns @ Steelers

Faves: -9.5 Steelers

My Pick: Steelers

Texans @ Colts

Faves: -6 Texans

My Pick: Colts

Jaguars @ Titans

Faves: -5.5 Titans

My Pick: Titans

Eagles @ Giants

Faves: -6.5 Giants

My Pick: Giants

Rams @ Seahawks

Faves: -12.5 Seahawks

My Pick: Seahawks

Bears @ Lions

Faves: -3 Bears

My Pick: Bears

Vikings @ Packers

Faves: -3 Packers

My Pick: Packers

Buccaneers @ Falcons

Faves: 3.5 Falcons

My Pick: Falcons

Panthers @ Saints

Faves: -4 Saints

My Pick: Saints

Chiefs @ Broncos

Faves: -17 Broncos

My Pick: Broncos 

Raiders @ Chargers

Faves: -8 Chargers

My Pick: Chargers

Cardinals @ 49’ers

Faves: -16.5 49’ers

My Pick: 49’ers

Cowboys @ Redskins

Faves: -3 Redskins

My Pick: Redskins