Ashton Whittington Suing Braylon Edwards For Child Support

I never met a girl named Ashton before, so at first I was like why is a guy asking Braylon Edwards for child support?

But as you can see Ms. Whittington is a very pretty young lady and a fashion blogger as well.  According to the New York Post, she and Braylon got together around 2010 and now they have an 18 month old child since Braylon didn’t got to Walgreens and get an $8 box of condoms.

Ms. Whittington and Braylon are no longer together and while Edwards is paying some child support, she wants more and is taking him to court to get it.

Braylon Edwards other baby mama Nik Pace once tried to get $70k a month child support out of him, so he isn’t having too much success with the ladies.

2 thoughts on “Ashton Whittington Suing Braylon Edwards For Child Support

  • Dude I can’t take it anymore….you say the same shit every article….$8 box of condoms, javon butler is a coward blah blah blah….it’s obvious you are a square who has never dealt with 2012 type ho’s …..bitches are straight up sluts these days. I bet if you asked these athletes if they wore condoms they would say they wore 2…. It is not un heard of for girls to go digging through the trash to find the used condom and getting the semen that way, Im from Fresno ca and there are nothing but ho’s here I’ve even heard of a rubber coming back up in the toilet after getting flushed and the bitch got pregnant that way.
    Either way, I love this site, you guys are on point with your updates and what not but you are defiantly not hip to game when it comes to women and pimping in 2012. The whole javon belcher thing is defiantly fucked up, but bitches do some fucked up things to men that fuck us up in the head and if you can tell me that you have never had some crazy thoughts go through your head after you find out your girl got ran through by some other dude, much less a celebrity, then you are either a liar or somebody who doesn’t fuck with hot bitches.

    Ps. You would probably get a lot more comments on this site if you didn’t make us put in an email address before every comment

  • just read what I wrote and it sounds super negative…didn’t mean to call you out like that lol. Lo siento amigo

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