Bobby Hebert Thinks It Was African American Falcons Fans Who Egged Saints Bus

Last week we heard many in the Saints circle who swore up and down that their was no rivalry with the Falcons, because the Saints had dominated the past 13 meetings.

Falcons fans were not pleased, and some of those fans who were airport workers let the Saints know about it by egging their team bus after arriving in Atlanta.

The Falcons went on to beat the Saints, and all is now well in Atlanta.

Well it was.

Deadspin is reporting that former Saints and Falcons quarterback Bobby Hebert was asked about both cities fan bases on his WWL radio show.

While trying to compare both cities fan bases, Hebert stated that Atlanta fans are not passionate about the Falcons.

His co-host Deke Bellavia then brought up the egg incident.

Hebert then trying to clarify his statement and make a point stated “the African-American community” in Atlanta is passionate about the Falcons, and “without a doubt” were the ones throwing eggs.

Well where do I start.

Once again we have someone who maybe is trying to make an innocent statement, but it tends to come out wrong.

I think Bobby Hebert should apologize yes, but there truly too much going on that are more important that his antics.



2 thoughts on “Bobby Hebert Thinks It Was African American Falcons Fans Who Egged Saints Bus

  • So im curious, Im Samoan. If a white person make any statement regarding Black people, its considered racist? Even though it may be the truth? Im not sure why there is an apology necessary if that’s what happened.

  • An apology might be perceived as necessary because he’s not speaking the truth. “May be the truth” isn’t good enough. It may be the Samoan sect of the Falcons fanbase who’s guilty. Maybe I should call in to his show and accuse them. Hebert has no idea who threw the eggs, so why get on the public airwaves and spew that kind of nonsense? Because it’s Bobby Hebert. I already know the answer to that. Spewing Nonsense is his middle name.

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