Brandon Marshall Near Tears at Post Game Presser; Says Losses Affecting Him Too Much

The Bears need to keep an eye on Marshall. He is a highly emotional individual who has a history of bizarre, irrational and sometimes criminal behavior.

I understand his frustration, but some of his comments are a little disturbing.

“Everyone on offense needs to be held accountable, even if it means jobs,” Marshall said. “There’s no excuse. We still have two games left, there’s still hope, but we need to be held accountable.”

“It’s been the same way all year. It’s the same thing every single game. We need to be held accountable,” he said. “What I got to do is try my best to keep it together and not let this affect me because it’s starting to affect me more than it should. And I love this game, I’m very passionate about this game, and right now it’s affecting me way too much.”

At that point Marshall abruptly stop his press conference while wiping away tears. Bears are barely hanging on to their playoff spot, but they need Marshall to keep it together if they have any chance of turning things around in these last two weeks.