BSO Interview: Austin Trout Speaks On Beating Cotto, Taking Over MSG, And What’s Next

trout dominates cotto

27-year-old Austin “no doubt” Trout is the current WBA Super Welterweight Champion of the World.  Trout was relatively unknown to the mainstream boxing fan until he walked into Madison Square Garden last Saturday night and dominated the now 37-4 Miguel Cotto in his second home of New York City.  Cotto had long been the undisputed king of the Madison Square Garden and New York in particular, winning all eight of his previous fights in the city before he ran into Trout.  The Las Cruces, New Mexico native is now a well-known commodity in the boxing landscape and looking forward to his bright future, in particular a matchup with Light Middleweight Champion Canelo Alvarez.

BSO had a chance to speak with Austin about beating Cotto, silencing the Garden, and wanting Canelo Alvarez.


BSO; How did it feel to defeat a fighter of Miguel Cotto’s caliber?

AT:It was a great feeling.  It was very uplifting, I prepared for that fight my entire life, and it was a dream come true to fight someone of that caliber.  I wanted to show him I was the bigger fighter, and push him around, not have him push me around.

BSO: The crowd in Madison Square Garden was rocking and about 95% Puerto Rican from what I saw.  How did it feel to fight in front of such a raucous crowd, and did you sense the crowd’s spirit start to dwindle as you started to dictate the fight. 

AT: The crowd in the garden was awesome.  I thought it was inspiring that they showed him so much love.  I wanted to suck the air out of the crowd.  Them being against me just spurred me on more.  They were a pretty good crowd though, and showed me a ton of love when it was over.

BSO: How do you feel about the fact that even days after you basically dominated Miguel Cotto, his name and other names are being thrown around as potential opponents for Canelo Alvarez, and not yours. 

AT: I mean it’s whatever at this point.  It will only fuel me and make me work harder.  I’m ready to fight and want to fight whoever.  I feel really good and want to fight soon.

BSO: How soon.

AT: I would like to fight again as soon as possible, hopefully in February.  I’m definitely not waiting for Canelo Alvarez, and will do what’s best for me.

BSO: Finally, stop if I’m getting to personal, but I heard you are getting married soon?

AT: Naw it’s cool, yes I’m getting married.  I got engaged June 27,2011 and will be married in April 2013.

BSO: Congratulations.

AT: Thank you, appreciate.  We have three children together, so it’s about that time.

BSO: Well I know you have to run, but I appreciate you taking a few minutes to speak to me and BlackSportsOnline.  Much success to you and everything you do, and I look forward to seeing you fight again.

AT: Thank you very much, nice talking to you.