Cam Newton Allegedly Bought an Adult Superman Onesie From Journeys (Photo)

I didn’t believe Superman Onesies existed for grown men, but I went on the Journeys website and as you can see from the photo below they do.  Technically they call it a Superman Romper.

Deadspin received this email from someone who works there.

I work for journeys in Charlotte NC and cam newton bought superman onsie pajamas.

Possible he was buying it as a Christmas gift, maybe just someone trolling Deadspin or………….

When Deadspin cracks the case we will let you know.


Our source responds with the size details: “Adult 2XL. Said he was going to ‘make it fit.’ They have a cape on the back that unbuttons into a blanket too. Might help console him while he watches everyone else in the nfl playoffs.”