Can Bill Parcells Save The Jets?

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

The New York Jets are at the end of another disappointing season and significant changes are coming.  Possibly both of their big named quarterbacks will be jettisoned elsewhere, and reports of general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s demise are extremely real.

The question now is where will the Jets turn for a new GM, and for someone to help Rex Ryan right the ship.  If you listen to NY Post columnist Brian Costello, he thinks the “Big Tuna,” Bill Parcells can save and turn the Jets around.

Costello: It appears GM Mike Tannenbaum is on his way out. Reports have surfaced the team already is reaching out to potential replacements. But what about coach Rex Ryan? Does he escape blame for the last two years because of the roster’s deterioration? Is it time to tear it all down and rebuild?

One thing is clear: Johnson is going to need help with this process. He has leaned on Tannenbaum and Ryan on all football decisions for the last four years. Clearly, they cannot decide their own fates.

That is why Johnson should call on old friend Parcells and hire him as a consultant to find a new GM. The former Jets and Giants coach seems pretty happy watching the horses in Saratoga and doing some commentary for ESPN. But he always has a football itch and this is the type of temporary job that could fill his football fix and then let him go on his way when the mission is complete.

Now lets remember it’s a hypothetical troll article, and Costello has no sources or any idea if such a though has been thought about.

Could and would Bill Parcells take a consulting position with the Jets for a quick fix?  I doubt it.  The head coach is a strong personality in itself and unless you are firing Rex Ryan, Parcells would only be able to do so much.

Parcells is still taking hits from what some perceive as a half done job in Miami.  No the roster is not bare, but it’s not full of quality acquisitions either.

The Jets need a football guy as a general manager, not a quick fix, but someone who knows the league, personnel and has the patience and time to see the change through.