Can You Complete the Allen Iverson Crossword Puzzle? (Photo)

There are certain athletes that you know in 20 years or so a movie or documentary about their life will come out and we will all reminisce what is was like watching them.

Mike Tyson is one, Kobe Bryant will probably be another, but Allen Iverson’s life story will be epic as well.

There are so many complexities about his life going all the way back to his high school days that it could easily make an Oscar worthy movie. In the middle of the film though, you know what has to be included.

The greatest press conference rant of all time. Out of all the things A.I. has done this will be the one thing I remember the most.

One thought on “Can You Complete the Allen Iverson Crossword Puzzle? (Photo)

  • I Call this “Real Nigga Syndrome”…so talented, could have gone much further but his life was plagued by his ignorance…Only thing being a Real Nigga gets you is street credit…Cant keep you in the NBA, does not make a good husband, cannot stop your house from being foreclosed and your so called “Real Niggas ” will be no where around during tough times.

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