Chad Johnson Contacts FBI To Find Out Who Leaked His Sex Tape


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Police are searching for a popular Las Vegas dancer who was last seen leaving her home a week ago. Debora "Debbie" Flores Narvaez, 31, a cast member of Luxor's "Fantasy" show, disappeared after leaving her Las Vegas home at approximately 7 p.m. on Dec. 12. These photos are candides from her myspace page.

Ocho didn’t need to contact the FBI, he could have just read today’s story about his ex-jumpoff Jessica, who we believe is the person who leaked the video.


Star of Chad Johnson’s Sex Tape Revealed as Model Wankaego; Jumpoff Leaked Vid


Chad Johnson Struggleface

According to TMZ, Chad believes someone hacked into his phone and that is how they got possession of the video.  That would be considered a cyber crime and someone could get arrested if that can be proven.


  1. I’d be proud to have proof I banged her too but bottom line is if you don’t want a sex tape leaked, don’t make one.

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