Chad Johnson Subtweets Happy Birthday to Evelyn Lozada

Chad Johnson is like the TV Show “Lost”. If you sit around trying to figure him out, you will end up with more questions than answers, and those answers will probably not be what you wanted to hear. Last month we brought you the story that they were flirting via twitter and were waiting for restraining orders to be lifted to get back together.

Early this morning, Johnson used his Spanish skills to wish his “love” a Happy Birthday. (Actually, he spent all day yesterday tweeting in Spanish). December 10th is Evelyn Lozada’s Thirty-censoreds birthday.

The tweet translates to

Happy Birthday Love, I wait for the day that I can hug you again. May God be with you, I hope you are sure….

Not sure if that last part is rusty Spanish, or if it was continued in the next tweet, which was “I am the missing piece” (again, in Spanish)

Let’s just hope Chad’s Groupies and Goblins get the message.