Chad Johnson to Appear on ESPN “First Take” This Wednesday to Debate Skip Bayless

According to Skip Bayless, Chad Johnson will be in studio with the First Take crew on Wednesday for the entire show.

For his part, Johnson responded to a question about his appearance.

Should be very interesting to see what we get out of Chad. The show basically changed its entire format after Jalen Rose ethered Bayless about his high school basketball achievements. Are we going to get a mild Chad who will play along with his “frenemy” for some inane and contrived banter, or will Chad really let loose?

Considering he either wants to get back in the league or find a way into broadcasting, I don’t see him burning any bridges at the WWL by going after their prized Skippy.

Just in case, you should probably have the bag of popcorn in the microwave ready to go at the push of a button.