Champ Bailey on Difference between 2011 and 2012 Broncos: ‘It feels Real’

This time last year, the Denver Broncos were smack dab in the middle of Tebow mania. A mania, that ultimately led them to a division title and a berth in the divisional round of the playoffs. As we all know, Tebow is has an extremely odd way of playing quarterback so the difference in the team now being led by Peyton manning has to be night and day.

Cornerback Champ Bailey recently elaborated on what’s different about this years version of the Broncos.

Per Les & Tom on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver:

It’s one thing that, looking back, I wish I could have done this, I wish I could have done that, if we would have done this — all those excuses and reasons for why we didn’t make it,” Bailey said.

But we have a shot now. It’s right in front of me. We know we’re gonna get in the tournament. Now we just need to concentrate on making sure … we’re on fire, we’re hot. … We need to keep getting better every week.”

“I think because the expectations are there. If you have expectations to do things that are great, and then you do it, it feels real.

Last year, nobody expected us to do anything. And then we started 1-4; we had a quarterback who had limited throwing ability, unconventional offense, whatever it may be. That surprised a lot of people. … But now you’ve got a great quarterback that’s done a lot of things in this league. It just feels good.”

I really don’t even take this as a shot at Tebow. It’s simply just facts.

The difference between Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning is night and day and we all know that. I think Champ is just excited to have a real shot at winning the Super Bowl.