Charles Tillman Calls Megatron The LeBron Of The Football, Can Do Everything

magatron is Lebron

Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson destroyed the Madden Curse this year, destroyed the single season receiving yards record, and may be set to destroy the Chicago Bears in the regular season finale.

The best player on the Bears, Charles “Peanut” Tillman has much respect for Johnson, and according to ESPN Chicago, refers to “Megatron” as the “LeBron” James of the NFL, Johnson can do it all.

“He can do everything,” Tillman told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s the LeBron James of football. If you could create a player — that’s Calvin Johnson. Size, speed, hands, agility, quickness, strength.”

Calvin Johnson is an absolute monster, it’s just a shame he’s on a team that doesn’t feed off his will to dominate.