Chiefs Crennel And Pioli To Receive Mandatory Counseling After Witnessing Belcher Suicide

In life when we deal with tragedy or witness horrendous events, it’s okay to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, general manager Scott Pioli and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs were all witnesses to Jovan Belcher’s suicide.  

USA Today is reporting that the NFL and Troy Vincent the  NFL’s vice president of player engagement is intent on making sure that the trio has help coping with such a sight, and all three will be required to attend mandatory counseling sessions.

Reports are the initial stages will continue through Monday, and follow-up sessions will be scheduled for individuals and the group for the next three months.

“We’re always going to say ‘I’m OK, I’m good.’ That’s us. Especially inside of this space, from a coaching standpoint or a player standpoint, it’s, ‘I’m good.’ No, we’re not good,” Vincent said. “Witnessing that kind of event is horrific. It’s not about closing the door, not about being the gladiator, the tough, immortal football player that we’ve always developed into being. This is serious. This is a mental, visual image that we need to talk through, and this is OK.”

“If the individual doesn’t share with us what’ s going on, we don’t know. We have every intention to assist whoever is being affected or is maybe having temporary or long-term challenges,” Vincent said. “We can’t force anybody to do that. We’re not mind readers, and we don’t want to assume. But the services are there.”

Vincent went on to say that the NFL offers counseling and education about a lot of different issues, bu they aren’t mandatory, and the challenge is “we can’t force anyone to seek out help.”

Kudos to the NFL and Troy Vincent for making sure those three men are mentally alright going forward.



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