Chiefs DT Shaun Smith Says If You Have Daughters, You Should Own A Gun

Gun control and who should and should not own firearms are always a hot topic in this free country we live in.

It’s an even especially hotter topic 2 days after Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher used a firearm to murder his girlfriend and mother of his child.

According to USA Today, his Chiefs teammates were not surprised to know he owned a firearm, and according to one, Shaun Smith, it should be a requirement if you have daughters.

“Just because we’re NFL players, it doesn’t make us no different. Some of you guys probably have guns in your houses. If you have daughters, you should. You never know when somebody might try to rob you or do whatever, you know?” defensive tackle Shaun Smith said.

“At one point a couple years ago, it was nothing but a bunch of home invasions, and you’ve got to protect yourself. You work so hard to get to where you’re at, and I’d be damned if I just let somebody take it away from me, period.”

It’s an awkward situation for me right now because I have a daughter of my own.

I’m somewhat protective of her and have conversations regarding how I would feel or react if someone harmed her.

I agree with the sentiment that its your choice and right as an American to own a firearm if you do it responsibly and within the law.

Lets get it straight thought that owning a firearm does not and should not give you the right to settle domestic disputes.