Chiefs Jovan Belcher Went to Meet a 2nd Girlfriend Before Murdering Kasandra Perkins

Earlier in the day we provided some graphic details on what happened before and immediately after Jovan Belcher murdered the mother of this child Kasandra Perkins and then killed himself in the Chiefs facility parking lot.

Once of the revelations that came to light was that the police encountered Belcher the night before the murder. The Kansas City Star provides us with more details about that encounter.

A suspicious vehicle was reported outside of a Kansas City apartment building early Saturday morning. When police arrived around 2:30am they found Belcher asleep in the car.

When they asked Belcher what he was doing there, he stated he was waiting on his girlfriend to come home (a different woman from Kasandra Perkins).

Police asked Belcher to call his “girlfriend” and after he did that a woman came out to let Belcher into her apartment. The woman who let Belcher in according to the police was not the other girlfriend, but her neighbor. It is unclear how the woman and her roommate knew Belcher and we do not know the identity of the 2nd girlfriend.

Since Belcher didn’t have any outstanding warrants or appear to be intoxicated, so he was allowed to go into the women’s apartment.

Belcher slept at the women’s apartment to around 6:30am and then left to go back to his home where the fateful argument with Kasandra Perkins took place.

In cases like this you never want to speculate it is better to just speak on the facts, but there seems to be a lot more to the story that is coming out each day, but none of it answers the question of what made Belcher murder Kasandra Perkins.

We may never know the answer to that.

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  • The Girl’s name was Brittni Glass they were having dinner that night

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