Chiefs Offer to Pay For Funeral Services For Both Jovan Belcher & Kasandra Perkins

The Chiefs are trying to walk a very fine line. Most of them only knew one side of Jovan Belcher and from most accounts that was a positive side, so it is difficult for them to grasp that he is also a cold blooded murderer who destroyed so many lives and left is daughter an orphan.

The NFL and the Chiefs will make sure that little Zoey is taken care of, but they are also trying to do the right thing with the families of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins.

According to TMZ they have reached out to the Belcher and Perkins’ family letting them know they would pay for any funeral expenses they would incur because of this tragedy.

The Belcher family has accepted their offer, no word on if the Perkins’ family has accepted.

It is something that the Chiefs didn’t have to do, so I give them credit for acknowledging that everyone from both families are devastated and offering their support.