Chris Bosh Wins Child Support Case Against Allison Mathis; Won’t Pay $30k a Month

There was a lot of sympathy for Allison Mathis when people learned that she was only receiving $2600 a month in Child Support from Chris Bosh.

She released Youtube videos, went on a bunch of blogs and basically smearing Bosh’s reputation, one small problem though.

Mathis wasn’t telling the whole truth.

She failed to mention the $250k Bosh gave her of his own free will, the trust fund Bosh established for his daughter or that Bosh pays for all his daughter’s medical and dental insurance, which was not court mandated. Bosh also pays for all preschool expenses, supplies and school extracurricular and developmental activities. Not to mention that Bosh regularly sees his daughter and treats her as well as his 7 month old son that he has with his wife Adrienne Bosh.

Also while Mathis was claiming that she needed to go on welfare just to eat, she failed to disclosed that the job she was working for was owned by a family member and she quit just in time before going to court.

Chris Bosh makes a lot of money and that is why Mathis wanted her child support case to be heard in Florida not Texas. Chris Bosh is supporting his child, but Mathis also wanted him to support her. The courts disagree with that and Bosh was able to prove he has residence in the State of Texas and that his current Child Support agreement is valid.

Mathis will continue to receive $2600 a month and Bosh will continue to support his child on his own without having to support Mathis’ baller lifestyle.  If she wants to live that lifestyle she either needs to get a job or call James Harden.

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  • Good for Chris……She’s a bitter bytch that wants to milk the hell out of Bosh

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