Cowboys Consider Requiring Players To Use SafeKey Breathalyzer Device In Cars

The NFL and the Dallas Cowboys are mulling their options and trying to figure out what they can do in the wake of Dallas defensive tackle Josh Brent being charged with manslaughter after killing teammate Jerry Brown in a Saturday morning car crash.

Brent was drunk behind the wheel after leaving Privae nightclub, and wrecked his car on state highway 114 killing a teammate and changing so many lives forever.

USA Today is reporting that the Cowboys and team consultant Calvin Hill are trying to figure out ways to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

“Obviously, we do whatever we can do,” Hill said somberly before Sunday’s game at Paul Brown Stadium, alluding to the team’s educational programs. “I don’t know what more we can do. We’re always examining and going over things.”

Hill said the team is considering implementing a SafeKey device for all players cars, which would prevent them from driving and pulling off while impaired.

“We are considering that,” Hill said.

The device, SafeKey, includes a small fob that is attached to the key ring, which sends electronic signals to a complementary device that can prevent a vehicle from starting if a driver doesn’t pass a test based on color-coded light emissions.

It remains unclear if the NFLPA would allow such a mandate to be passed by a team.  Hill said the league needs to do something to help its players, but understands those same players have to make smart choices.

“Everyone has free will and makes their own decisions,” Hill said. “You try to make them aware that every decision has a consequence and that they’re responsible. You hope they consider the potential consequences.”