Cowboys Josh Brent Expected to Attend Teammate Jerry Brown’s Funeral

By all accounts Josh Brent and Jerry Brown were good friends. Since Brown had just recently been added to the practice squad he didn’t know many of his teammates well, but he and Brent were teammates at Illinois so Brent was looking out for him.

No one plans to get into an accident that kills one of their friends and while Brent made a horrible decision getting behind the wheel while intoxicated I can understand why he would want to attend the memorial services.

The Cowboys expect him to be in attendance.

“We certainly anticipate him being there tomorrow,” Garrett said. “He’s certainly welcome to be there. He and Jerry Brown were very close and their families are close. I don’t know if you’ve seen the well-wishes from Jerry’s family with regards to Josh. I think that’s a tribute to their friendship and the relationship they had for a long, long time together.”

I can see how some would see this as an uncomfortable situation, but if the Brown family doesn’t have an issue with it, neither should we.