DeSean Jackson Hands Out Toys Then Loses $10k In Rap Battle With Meek Mill

Nothing like the Christmas spirit where we can all give and be thankful.  It has to be a wonderful thing to be able to give so much, and then in the same evening lose what some would consider so much and still have a ton to be thankful for.

Crossing Broad help us present this wonderful story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson giving so much yesterday, and he was in such a giving mood, he gave twice.

DeSean Jackson for everything people say about him is a wonderfully giving person.  He has his own charity the DeSean Jackson Foundation, and yesterday partnered with rapper T.I. to do a youth toy giveaway.  

Jackson is a wonderful giver and will help out anyone he think deserve it or is underprivileged.   Now here is where the story of giving gets a little comical.

Last night after the toy give away, Jackson met up with Philly rapper Meek Mill, Michael Vick and other assorted rappers, friends and athletes for T.I.’s “Trouble Man” album release party.

 At some point, Jackson and Meek, both aspiring music moguls, got together to have two of their artist take part in a rap battle. Stipulations say the losing general had to pay the other $10,000.

Jackson’s protegé who is currently nameless, battled Meek’s protegé Lil Snupe.  As you can see from the photo below, Jackson’s protegé lost.

D-Jac was not pleased.

 It was all done in fun and as this article is going to press, Meek Mill, Mr. Philadelphia himself, will donate the $10,000 he won from DeSean Jackson to Strawberry Mansion High School.   

Meek had initially planned to donate $10,000 to the school and a few other things, but that appearance was canceled reportedly due to his controversial lyrics and so-called shaky past.

Strawberry Mansion is one of about 37 Philly high schools that may be closed because of finances, so at this point it makes sense to accept his charitable donation.

Before people start to read this article and pass judgement, remember I wrote earlier DeSean Jackson is a wonderful giver and took time out to donate toys to kids yesterday afternoon, and last night with T.I. visited homeless shelters.

Regardless of how he lost $10,000, it’s all in the spirit of giving right.

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