Dwayne Bowe Pays Tribute to Murderer Jovan Belcher by Wearing Tee With Belcher Name Misspelled


If you were a teammate or close friend of Jovan Belcher you are probably having a hard time coming to grips with what happened on Saturday morning.

But if you are going to publicly pay tribute to Belcher, just understand you are paying tribute to a cold blooded murderer who shot a woman nine times with his mother present and his three month old daughter in the home.

Think about that before photos of you appear online in a shirt celebrating Belcher’s life (with his name spelled incorrectly which leads me to believe whoever made the shirts were doing it for profit not love) that you understand who you are honoring.

Not my place to tell someone how to grieve, but maybe there should be some shirts made in honor of Kasandra Perkins, since she is the one who wasn’t given a choice to live.


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