Dwight Howard Says He Knows What Team He’s Signing With as Free Agent, But Won’t Tell


Doesn’t seem to be the proper time to be playing with Lakers fan emotions, but Dwight Howard wants the world to know he has already decided what he is going to do this summer.

Here is what he had to say.

“I know,” said Howard when asked if he knows which team he will play with next season.

Howard was also asked whether he and Kobe Bryant can coexist.

“Why can’t we coexist?” Howard asked. “Because we’re opposites? I thought opposites attract.

“You know why we can play well together? Kobe knows how hard I work and that I’m all about championships. We’re also entertainers, and for the two hours and 20 minutes that people come to a game they want to be entertained.”

In Dwight Howard world “I Know” means he will change his mind 20 times from now.


  1. If this MoFo ain’t messy, Shaunie needs to cast this clown on LA BBW for real!!! His team is falling to pieces and he wanna throw this ish out? Really?1?!. He’s a bigger bitch than the ones in S.F. I know.

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