Dwyane Wade Admits He’s Been Working With Shooting Coach

d wade has a shooting coach

Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade is averaging the quietest 20 points per game you’ll ever see in your life.  With Chris Bosh and King James as your running mate, I’m sure you can get overlooked.

Wade is shooting 61% over the past 8 games, and after getting off to a slow start earlier this season, Wade admitted to ESPN Chicago that he’s been working with a shooting coach.

“You have to know your problem,” Wade said. “When I’m missing, I already know how and why I’m missing. I know that I don’t have a lot of arc on my shot. So I know that me shooting on the way down is really fighting against the wind.

“For me, it was just to get somebody to come in, different than what I’m used to, a different voice.”

Wade wouldn’t give out details on who actually is helping him with his shot, but he does admit that with age and injuries, he’s trying to transition his game from high-flying rim attacker, to a smooth mid range player.

“It’s a combination of it all,” he said. “Obviously you have to plan for [the future]. At the same time, you understand that you want to open up the game. You want to get better.

“And then, I have a different role on this team. I know that I don’t have the ball all the time to be able to get the shots I want to, so I need to take shots that come and are available. So I need to be ready to shoot them and feel comfortable shooting them.”