ESPN Announcer: Kansas State Guard Angel Rodriguez Has A Puerto Rican Temper


In this age of announcers trying to call a great game like Gus Johnson does, they sometimes get overzealous and a little extra in their description of players at times.

Kansas State guard Angel Rodriguez has reportedly had to deal with racially taunts because of his Puerto Rican descent.  During a NCAA Tournament game against Southern Miss last March, Rodriguez had to deal with chants of “where’s your green card.”

Fast forward today to a highly contested game between Kansas State and Florida.  During the second half, Rodriguez picked up his third foul on a close play.

ESPN announcer Mitch Holthus engaged in conversation with co-announcer Fran Fraschilla on the foul and blurted out the statement,  “That’s sometimes where the Puerto Rican temper kicks in there. They need him on the floor instead of picking up a third foul.”

What prompted the comment is unclear, but what is clear is regardless of how harmless the statement, Holthus is guilty of stereotyping to the worst degree.

No it’s not questioning how Puerto Rican Rodriguez is, but there are some calm Puerto Ricans sir.

Video of the comment can be found on Deadspin


  1. So what? Latins are notorious for their tempers. Gus Johnson is awesome. I hate the PC Police, let’s move on.

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