ESPN Says Rob Parker’s Comments on RG3 Were Inappropriate; Evaluating Proper Action

I have never called for Skip Bayless to be fired.

The reason is even though he says a lot of silly things the intent behind words is rarely malicious. I don’t like the name calling like “Bosh Spice” and “Prince James”, but it isn’t something that isn’t heard all the time.  Saying Lebron isn’t clutch is different than saying Lebron isn’t black enough because of who he dates or his hairstyle.

Rob Parker is a different story, he has a history of these type of malicious comments and it was the reason he was forced to resign from The Detroit News.

He displays an unprofessional attitude on and off the set which we documented here.

Frankly he shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt like Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless.  The appropriate action should be he is no longer with the company.

If ESPN and specifically 1st Take are going to continually speak about race, they need to have people on the panel who are able to handle the discussion in an intelligent manner.

I am not blind to what Parker was trying to say, but his inability to say it like a professional journalist is the reason he should no longer be employed at the company.  He is a clown act, who should apologize not just to RG3 and his fiancee, but also the viewers.  He is in this position to give his opinion, but with that power comes a responsibility to not say ignorant, prejudice and racist things.

I was offended not just as an African-American, but as a journalist and a man by his comments.  For a very long time all African-Americans wanted was a fair shake and to be judged on our character and quality of work. To even suggest Robert Griffin III was less of a black man for also wanting that is a fireable offense.

We will see if ESPN does the right thing.  If embracing the debate means perpetuating stereotypes African-Americans have tried for years to overcome, then I will pass on that.

6 thoughts on “ESPN Says Rob Parker’s Comments on RG3 Were Inappropriate; Evaluating Proper Action

  • Well hopefully you’ll get your wish and BSPN will fire that nigger Rob Parker for speaking so disgustingly unprofessional and maliciously about Robert Griffin III aka RG3 regarding his BLACKNESS as a Black professional athlete.

    How dare he speak so ill of another black man living and earning a honest living in the United States of America without having any merited basis whatsoever to base his absurd assumptions on. I mean it isn’t like he’s working in a capacity where being provocative & sometimes controversial is warranted. And it isn’t like we live in a society where FREE SPEECH is a right within the U.S. Constitution.

    And you said the following:
    “I was offended not just as an African-American, but as a journalist and a man by his comments”

    People really need to understand that you’re a MAN first and foremost then secondly a journalist and the last thing anyone needs to be concerned with is the fact that you were born as AN AFRICAN AMERICAN.

    Again I hope you get your wish of Rob Parker being fired and hopefully he’ll never ever get a job of any significance for the rest of his life.

  • Ohh And I HOPE you do realize I was BEING Extremely SARCASTIC Though (YUP…) #SMDH

  • Rob, I called this yesterday, so when this fool is fired today, can I get credit for it? LOL

    He’s from Detroit? Damn the “D’ town can’t catch a break. Sean Penn just compared Haiti to Detroit. SMH Now Rob gonna go back to Detroit broke and unemployed.

  • ELove is representing American blacks, so well, she(more than likely a she) is what every hard working, god fearing, well spoken, striving to better his self, family, and community, black man needs in his life. A “STRONG BLACK WOMAN” to never forget his blackness, “keep it real”, speak ebonics, denounce whitey for all black children born out of wedlock, and for “whitey” supplying all the black drug dealers in order to destroy their communities.

    ELove is what every black needs to never forget their community, and keep it real.

    Ohh I HOPE you know I was being SARCASTIC (YUP…)

    • Ohhh you had to be “Being Sarcastic” becuz I’m a BLACK MAN in the Realest Sense and I’ll be more than welcome to SHOW YOU THAT in Person (YUP…)

      Rob Parker is a MORON (Yeah I get THAT…) But here’s a NEWZ-FLASH for you… BSPN IS FULL OF MF-ing MORONS Though (BLACKS and WHITES…) ONLY a Complete MORON would consider BSPN a place for REAL Sports Commentary and REAL Sports Journalism!!!!! SMDH

  • Rob Parker is a monkey nigger. Put him on a raft and point him back to Africa.

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