ESPN Suspends Rob Parker Indefinitely Over RG3 Comments

He is lucky he is just suspended when a termination should be in order. What he said about RG3 was one of the most offensive things I have ever seen on Television.

Maybe now 1st Take will end their “race baiting” discussions, because they were the ones who decide to give Parker this forum to spread his ignorance.

3 thoughts on “ESPN Suspends Rob Parker Indefinitely Over RG3 Comments

  • One step CLOSER to Your WISH Though (YUP…)

    Ohh And I didn’t believe that Don Imus should’ve been Dismissed/Fired for joking about “Nappy-Headed” comment he made Either… And I KNEW he would be successful in his Lawsuit against his employer (SURE DID…) He’s a SHOCK JOCK and He has spoken FAR WORSE about white people than he did regarding that Female Basketball team which was A JOKE!!!

  • Nothing wrong with what he said. He spoke honestly about RGIII. RGIII who doesn’t want to be black anymore with his white ugly gf. He gonna learn just like Tiger, you are a nigger to them,nothing more nothing less!

  • I wish BSO Online would stop taking my comments down. Angry black women, go away.

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