Ex-Boy Band Member Nick Lachey Ejected For Brawling During Chargers vs. Bengals (Video)

The only thing I know about Nick Lachey is that he was in 98 Degrees and was married to Jessica Simpson. Apparently he is also an obnoxious Bengals fan.

During last weekend’s game against the Chargers Lachey and his buddies were trash talking a Chargers fan because he was wearing a jersey of player who was no longer with the team.

According to TMZ the fan’s wife then said.

“Well, he lasted longer than your boy band.”


Lachey freaked out and called the fan’s wife a “Bitch” and the brawl was on. Security came and escorted Lachey for being a jerk. I don’t think any Bengals fan should be puffing their chest out. Settle down Nick.