Fan Who Sent Death Threats to Mark Sanchez,Wants Meeting With Jets About Status of Team


This is where we are at as a society. A man who threatened to kill a quarterback and shoot up a practice facility (you can read the Tweets here) wants an one on one with Jets management to talk about the team.

He truly believes he is entitled to this.

Here is what he had to say.

“I want answers from the whole Jets organization, I’m a die-hard fan,” Grancru said over the phone Tuesday night. As of the time he was reached, he was not contacted by police or the NFL. “I was just aggravated last night, they’re taking the whole threat thing out of proportion. I don’t want to kill Sanchez, I just don’t want him playing for my team.”

Grancru admitted that he had been drinking while watching the game and that he wished he would have chosen his words more carefully.

“Right now I regret Tweeting all those things, I could have said something differently to display my discomfort but it happened,” he said. “I apologize for what happened, but I want to talk to someone in the Jets organization. That’s what I want. It’s Christmas time, so just grant me that.”

The people who should be talking to him is the police.

His excuse for his rant was it is Twitter and people get threatened everyday, so why is he being called out. The problem is he is right, there are far too many Twitter tough guys who would never say what they tweet to someone’s face.

Until that is corrected we will have to deal with clowns like this.