Football Recruit Gets Auburn Tattoed on His Arm, But Now Doesn’t Want to Go There (Photo)


Reuben Foster back in July was so sure he was going to Auburn that he had Auburn tattooed on his arm (looks like the Spider-Man Symbol).

Since then Auburn has had a dreadful season and fired their coach.

While the Auburn Tattoo remains, Foster will be taking his talents elsewhere.

Maybe the new programs that will recruit him will offer free tattoo removing services as part of his scholarship.

The best way for Auburn to get him back?  They should offer him Kate Upton.


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  1. Maybe he could commit to the University of Arizona, and a tattoo shop could work some magic. Arkansas? Alabama? (Oh, the horror of committing to Auburn, decommitting, and then going to Alabama).
    Maybe he could have done the smart thing and not gotten a tattoo. (Or at least wait until he is actually at the college).

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