Former Dolphin Jason Taylor Blast Bill Parcells, Admits He’s Not His Biggest Fan

Former Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor accomplished a lot in his 15 year NFL career.  Taylor is sixth all time with 139.5 sacks, went to six pro bowls, and was defensive player of the year in 2006.

Taylor is now an analyst for ESPN, but spoke recently to the Miami Herald about his playing days, the Dolphins future, and some guy named Parcells who basically ran him out-of-town twice.

As the Herald put it, “He remains “not the biggest Bill Parcells fan,” Taylor said of the Dolphins’ former football czar who dumped the popular pass-rusher not once, but twice.”

Taylor has been critical of what he calls Parcells “lack of building for the future, and the lack of commitment on his part.”

Taylor feels Parcells dislikes him so much, that if Parcells could fire him from ESPN he would.

If Bill had anything to do with hiring me, they wouldn’t have hired me or they would get rid of me,”

“I haven’t talked to Bill since he got rid of me a second time.”