Former NBA/Suspected Murderer Javaris Crittenton Accused of Slapping Baby Mama

I have a question for the women of the world.

If you meet a guy and you see he will soon be on trial for murdering a woman, wouldn’t that raise a red flag that you might not want to A- get into a relationship with him and B- have a child by him?

That seems to me like it would be common sense, but not for Tyress Daniels who had a restraining order filed against Crittenton for repeated abuse.

Daniels according to TMZ claims that Crittenton hit her while she was pregnant in a hotel room.

The 2nd incident occurred in the hospital where their son was born.

Daniels says that while she was breastfeeding their one day old son, I repeat the child was less than a day old, he slapped her across the face because they were arguing about what the child should wear for baby photos.

The lastest incident happened in November and she sustained a busted lip. After that incident she claims Crittenton sent her a death threat.

No excuse for any of that to take place, but Daniels should have thought about this before she got involved with someone who is being accused of murder.