FSU Uses Sexy Girls To Try And Land Top Hoops Recruit Andrew Wiggins (Photos)


There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the number 1 basketball recruit in America.  Picking a college, living up to expectations, and deciphering which university has the best looking coed’s.

The main cog in today’s version of recruiting involves adding eye candy as mechanism to gain a recruits loyalty.  From “The Program,” to “He Got Game,” ladies will be instruments to help gain a competitive advantage.

Florida State is in hot pursuit of Andrew Wiggins, the #1 overall prep basketball player in the land.  Wiggins took a visit to Tallahassee Wednesday night to watch the Seminoles take on the Florida Gators.

Even though the game wasn’t entertaining at all, with Florida winning in a route 72-47, Wiggins reportedly was very entertained and coddled, in an attempt to gain a future committment from the forward according to the Big Lead.

One of the female student sections spell out ‘We Want Wiggins.”

Florida State pulled out all the stops to land Wiggins, but even if they don’t, the coed’s enjoyed the attention.  


  1. I swear to God… these guys must get so much pu**y on these trips that they’re in a haze. They prob end up making their decision by remembering the color of the girls underwear according to the schools colors.

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