Giants DC Perry Fewell Says Blame Defensive Players Not Him For Poor Play

fewell blames giants players

Coaches love to drive the bus over themselves for their players when they are not playing well.  How many times have we seen an offense or defense just stink it up, and the coach right or wrong says blame me, i didn’t have them prepared.

Not in New York, not today.  New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell wants you to know he put his players in the proper position, and according to the New York Post, they just didn’t do their assignments.

“We prepared better than what we played,” Fewell said after Thursday’s practice. “I think if you look at the tape, we’re in position to make plays, and we haven’t made plays.”

The Giants have been blown out in the past 2 games, and have been outscored 67-14 with the defense giving up close to 400 yards per game.

“It’s frustrating for me and for the defense to give up the big play and that’s been or nemesis all year,” is how Fewell responded to a question about his team’s ranking. “Have we worked to eliminate the big play? Yes we have. Have we been able to do that? No we haven’t. So I can’t tell you why, but that could be a point of frustration.”

“We preach them, we work on them,” Fewell said. “Again, we’ve been in position, we haven’t made a football play the last couple weeks. We’ve been in position to make football plays, but it hasn’t gone our way. They say turnovers come in bunches, and sometimes they come in bunches, but we’re in the dry spell the last two games. And we’re going to work like the Dickens to get turnovers in this game.”


The Giants would play dominating defense one Sunday, and look terrible the next.  I think they are a tired group, I think they need to retool at certain spots, particularly in the secondary.

Fewell is just putting it out there to save his job, or to prepare himself to get another one.