Greg Jennings’ Sister Valynica Tweets Insults, Calls Aaron Rodgers an Idiot & Overrated


Valynvia Jennings

Not exactly sure why she is so upset Jennings is having a good game, but some of her comments show you why family members aren’t the best judge of talent on the team.

The bias is pretty obvious.

Greg Jennings sister Valyncia

Greg Jennings sister Valyncia 2

I wonder if she thinks Kate Upton is overrated too?


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  1. Aww she’s a female!! Wat do they kno about football?? It’s was nice watching you over the yrs greg, wishing u much success on ur next team

  2. Sounds like she’s an ignorant hoe who needs to shut her dsmn mouth. Greg is a standup guy and a HOF receiver. He doesn’t need “advice” from another loud mouth know it all bitch with no sense to shut her mouth!

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