Greg Jennings’ Sister Valynica Tweets Insults, Calls Aaron Rodgers an Idiot & Overrated

Valynvia Jennings

Not exactly sure why she is so upset Jennings is having a good game, but some of her comments show you why family members aren’t the best judge of talent on the team.

The bias is pretty obvious.

Greg Jennings sister Valyncia

Greg Jennings sister Valyncia 2

I wonder if she thinks Kate Upton is overrated too?


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12 thoughts on “Greg Jennings’ Sister Valynica Tweets Insults, Calls Aaron Rodgers an Idiot & Overrated

  • WTF?!?! what a weird game to complain about. dude was targeted more than any other receiver, had 120 yards and 2 tds. i’d hate to see how she would react if greg had a shitty game…what a dumb bitch

  • Guess Rodgers won’t be having dinner with the Jennings family anytime soon.

  • What an idiot!!!! Not sure what game she was watching? Big brother Greg needs to tell her to shut up and get a life. To be so angry that your brother is only making 7 million a year is really pathetic. Greg has his best game as a Packer in since 2010 and his big mouth know nothing sister has to ruin it for him. Nice!!! By the way, I like Greg Jennings but he is only worth 5 million a year like the other receivers on the team (Nelson, Jones and Cobb). He is undersized and gets hurt all the time. If he thinks someone else is going to pay him Calvin Johnson money he is sadly mistaken. Greg keeps saying it’s all up to the Packers. That is not true. Greg has priced himself out of Green Bay because of his greed. He wants to be paid for what he did 2 years ago and that is not the way it works. It sounds like he has been listening to his sister too much while doing his rehab.

  • Are you kidding me now? Wake up. Rodgers made Greg (whatever his name is). Stupidest comment I’ve heard in my life. With a sister like you, no wonder they aren’t bringing him back.

  • With those popbottle glasses it appears Ms. What’s Her Name has trouble seeing. I agree with Kevin, dumbest comment of the year, for sure, anywhere.

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