Greg McElroy Says He’s Dreamed About Starting For Jets

The Greg McElroy era has begun in New York, and the current Jets quarterback hopes it last more than two games.  Some players dream about starting for their favorite team, and according to, McElroy has “dreamed about his first NFL start.”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” McElory said Wednesday in quotes distributed by the New YorkJets. “This is a great moment and a great milestone in my career. Obviously this is something I’ve looked forward to and I’ve dreamed about my entire life. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity.”

“I’m not concerned about next week against Buffalo,” McElroy said. “I’m not concerned about next year. I’m not concerned about those things. Just enjoy right now, live in the moment. That’s what my dad said when I talked to him, ‘Live in the moment. Enjoy this. You’ve been dreaming about this your whole life.’

“My whole life, I can think back. I remember wearing a Troy Aikman jersey growing up and pretending I was in these shoes. I did it. I got here and I’m very grateful and excited about this opportunity.”

Here’s hoping it works out for him.