Gregg Williams Says Joe Vitt Stopped Him From Ending Bounty System

“Bounty Gate” is officially in our rear view mirrors, so now we can focus on the future, and all the leaked transcripts of who said what.

The first salvo has already been fired by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  Williams who may be a main culprit in the scandal. reportedly testified that he tried to stop the bounty system, but was overruled by assistant coach Joe Vitt according to transcripts from appeals hearings is reporting.

According to the transcripts, “Williams said Vitt vetoed a suggestion that the pay-for-pain setup be abandoned. He said Vitt lit into him  with an obscenity-filled speech. about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Williams said Vitt told him Commissioner Goodell “wasn’t going to … tell us to … stop doing what won us the Super Bowl.”

This has been going on in the … National Football League forever, and it will go on here forever, when they run (me) out of there, it will still go on.”

Gregg Williams and Joe Vitt were among a number of witnesses in the Bounty Gate appeals.  Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue,  on Tuesday overturned four player suspensions in the case.

The transcripts reportedly have the Saints brass and coaching staff constantly disagreeing about the system and how it should work.

Joe Vitt reportedly offered to take a lie detector test to counter some of the accusations Gregg Williams made.  Vitt described Williams as  “narcissistic,” and disgruntled.