Houston Texans Get Letterman Jackets To Show Team Unity And High School Spirit

As a high school athlete the mark of knowing you finally made it or achieved something, was win you received your varsity letter during athletic banquets, and placed it on a Letterman’s jacket.

The aura you gave off while walking around school or neighborhoods with your Letterman’s jacket was an awesome feeling.

The Houston Texans are having the greatest season in franchise history, to continue to show that team unity and celebrate their success, Houston Chronicle is reporting that the teams as a group has decided to get Letterman jackets.

“I used to say before the season it feels like we’re on a college team,” Texans outside linebacker Connor Barwin said. “Everybody gets along, we have so much fun. And this jacket, you feel like you’re on a high school team where it’s all about winning, it’s all about being around a group of guys. This jacket is just another symbol of that. There’s no names on it. You just have your number, your position group and the Texans logo.”

The jackets were the idea of defensive tackle Shaun Cody, with the help of equipment manager Jay Brunetti.  The team plans to wear them on the plane and bus heading to the stadium.

“The plan is we’re gonna get the AFC South banner put on the sleeve from last year,” Barwin said. “If we take care of business this week and this season we’ll get the 2012 AFC Championship one. Super Bowl. Kind of build a tradition the longer you’re here the more patches you get on your jacket.”

One thought on “Houston Texans Get Letterman Jackets To Show Team Unity And High School Spirit

  • Patriots are laughing at these jokers. Your JV schedule is over, Houston…this week you’re facing the Varsity and you’re going to get exposed.

    Pats gonna steal your girlfriends and take em to to the prom too!

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