Jason Babin Calls The Eagles A Socialistic Team

babin calls eagles socialist

Former Eagles and current Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin seems to still hold ill will towards the team for his release and the firing of his beloved defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

Babin is again firing more shots, and according to NFL.com, says the organization doesn’t “split amicably, and says they are a socialistic team.”

“They don’t have amicable splits with people,” Babin said, according to The Sideline View’s Adam Caplan. “You saw how dirty they did (defensive line coach Jim) Washburn with leaking out the false stories and the way they talked about him on the way out.

“It’s kind of a big socialistic system that they have.”

Babin tried to explain the differences between him and his former team.

“They have a different approach and a different style than I do,” Babin said. “It’s kind of upsetting because they knew what they were getting when they hired me. I don’t know if they were going to try and change me. My stripes are kind of already the way they are, the way I practice, aggressive, loud, the way I play the game.

“I don’t know, I just guess they thought they could change the way I went about my business. I feel like I got the way I got because of how I practiced and worked and lived and played.”


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  • he needs to just shut up and watch the play offs like everybody else since he’s on another sorry team.

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