Jay Cutler On Lovie Smith’s Firing: Change Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

jay cutler says change isn't a bad thing

As we reported earlier, in a surprising but not shocking move, the Bears fired head coach Lovie Smith after the team missed the playoffs again, but did go 10-6.  

Several Bears players were upset, with star punt return specialist Devin Hester hinting at retirement over the news.    One significant Bears players who was less upset was Mercurial quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cutler was asked about the shock of Lovie being fired, and according to the Chicago Tribune, Cutler stated “change isn’t always a bad thing.”

“I think Phil (Emery) and George (McCaskey) and everyone involved, they’re going to do whatever’s necessary, offensively, defensively, special teams wise to put a good product out there next year and make this team the best they can,” Cutler said.

Cutler was asked if he felt he let Smith down?

“Absolutely,” Cutler said. “I take a lot of pride in the way I play, and offensively, we didn’t show up in the last four years for him, and a lot of that blame’s going to be on me. As soon as I heard he was fired, there was instant regret in what we could have done and what we should have done.”

Sometimes Jay Cutler should decline to say anything.


3 thoughts on “Jay Cutler On Lovie Smith’s Firing: Change Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

  • Lovie Smith hired that 0-16 Detroit Lions Head-Coach and made him the Defensive-Line Coach and Eventually promoted him to Defensive Coordinator… And IF THAT wasn’t already DUMB ENOUGH He later promoted Mike Tice from Offensive-Line Coach to Offensive Coordinator O_o

    Was Jay Cutler SUPPOSE to be ecstatic about SUCH A MOVE Though… The Dude responsible for The WORST OFFENSIVE LINE Other than The Eagles is NOW YOUR OFFENSIVE-COORDINATOR O_O FOH

    I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with Jay Cutler speaking his mind THE WAY HE DID Though (Not One Bit…)

  • Maybe you should listen to the whole interview before writing your articles. Cutler made that statement midway through his show after becoming choked up at lovies dismissal. After the hosts badgered him for a response he tried to put a pro bears spin on it as well as giving respect to lovies and assuring everyone lovie will be coaching again very very soon

  • FYI, he also learned of the news during his weekly show. He didnt go out looking to make a comment

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